Amelia Ray

The Adventurer of Rock and Roll

Why No Dream - my first electronic music project is here!

A few years ago my buddy Patrick and I were hiding in my flat, trying to escape the infernal Madrid summer heat when we decided to try to come up with a name for a new style of dance music for people who were either too cool or too lazy to get down. After several beers and red bags of Doritos, the genre "Powder Pop" and the band name "Why No Dream" were born.

The genre and name sat useless for a few years until I discovered loops on GarageBand for iPad. I started tooling around with the samples and decided to compose five songs using only samples and sounds available in the app. Fast-forward another couple of years to present day, and I am pleased to announce that the project has been completed! Cit├ęs, the debut EP from Why No Dream will be released on 6 September 2018. The single, "Copenhague," is available for download and streaming now at as well as via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. There is even a nifty video that accompanies it (see below)!